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Karthik Kakarala, head of Solar Shadows Records, 2nd year student in the Xavier University School of Medicine at Aruba, contains a sampling of what rattles around in his mind upon this Tumblr. This is not a Twitter. Expect bouts of verbosity, regardless of whether it's for better or for worse.
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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing Benjamin Franklin (via -sirrah)
Sun Aug 22
My advice to writers is very simple…Get out more. Garrison Keillor.  (via bloggernacle)
Thu Jul 15

I’m writing the first entry for a new Tumblr, this evening.

Well, in between studying science and watching “Spaced.”

Still, it’s kind of a step forward, within my blogging.

This one will still exist, and I frankly don’t think this stuff would work excellently within either Tumblr that I created, let alone the two that I am a moderator for (which I will start contributing to probably this weekend… zounds).

Tue Nov 17

The Wall Street Journal: When you sell the rights to your books, do the contracts give you some oversight over the screenplay, or is it out of your hands?

Mr. McCarthy: No, you sell it and you go home and go to bed. You don’t embroil yourself in somebody else’s project.

WSJ: When you first went to the film set, how did it compare with how you saw “The Road” in your head?

CM: I guess my notion of what was going on in “The Road” did not include 60 to 80 people and a bunch of cameras. [Director] Dick Pearce and I made a film in North Carolina about 30 years ago and I thought, “This is just hell. Who would do this?” Instead, I get up and have a cup of coffee and wander around and read a little bit, sit down and type a few words and look out the window.

WSJ: But is there something compelling about the collaborative process compared to the solitary job of writing?

CM: Yes, it would compel you to avoid it at all costs.

Cormac McCarthy on The Road - (via cantoni)

I’m so terribly happy that McCarthy is exactly like I’d hope McCarthy would be.

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Having both written a book & made a film (Okay, not, like, a feature film, but still, you know, moving pictures and all), I have to concur with my man Cormac here.  Fiction writing, so much better than film production (though there’s no craft services for fiction writers).

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this is wonderful.

(via oldtobegin) It has taken me this long to be in something collaborative that manages to make me not 100% agree with McCarthy, but it doesn’t stop me from totally understanding the remarks from the rest of my experiences (and I am referring to less sporadic matters… I have plenty of sporadic collaborations that I have loved). If I were a writer, I’d rather not have food services… I would settle for someone chopping my ingredients and shopping for my groceries, because I would much prefer to cook for myself most of the time. Catering rarely gets various curries right without costing a goddamn fortune.
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I think after I finish writing and recording this Fresh Cherries from Yakima record I’ve been working on for almost two years, I’m going to sit down and really get cracking on this novel that I’ve been working on for almost five years.

I’m obviously an exceedingly diligent person.

You can do it.